Our new Dunfermline Head office

Yes, we have moved!

A Strategic move to get the business space we want and need as well as to gain visibility locally for our growing trade counter selling OS maps and bureau services.

We have traded our very large premises to another local business whom needed much more space to grow, and we have taken over the right amount of space we need in today’s technological way of working. Email, laptops, Cloud file servers etc mean we don’t need as much dedicated desk and machine space as before and of course all the technology is much smaller than it ever was and, being a mapping company staff are rarely in at the same time!

The signs are going up soon, so we will have more visibility than ever before and thankfully our contact details remain the same.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new office!

Our new address from the 3rd September 2018 is;

Mason Surveys Ltd
1C Dickson court
KY12 7SG

Our phone and email details remain as;

Tel: 01383 623112
Email: info@masonsurveys.co.uk,   dunfermline@masonmap.cominfo@reproteq.co.uk


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