New Laser Scanners

We were recently introduced to Leica’s newest laser scanners, revolutionizing the way we can map buildings both inside and out with the latest advancements in laser scanning technology, namely speed, image quality and on the go processing.

We’re proud to already offer this with our existing equipment that offers a powerful solution to capture precise data and deliver accuracy, however these state-of-the-art laser scanners are designed to seamlessly scan complex indoor and outdoor environments, providing you with detailed 3D data and accurate measurements of intricate architectural details to street-scapes.

These scanners capture every nuance, enabling you to visualize and analyse spaces like never before.
Experience the speed and efficiency of laser scanners, with their advanced capabilities, we can quickly generate comprehensive elevations, floor plans, and point clouds that serve as a solid foundation for your projects.
Don’t miss out on the future of building mapping. Embrace the power of laser scanned data and unlock a new level of insight for your projects.
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