Underground Services Detection & Mapping

The tracing and identification as well as location recording of underground services is a specialist service. The benefits of undertaking a subsurface / underground services surveys are that the site or area will be known to be clear of hazards or obstructions prior to any works commencing – essential for safe working and the long term management of the development or assets that may be located beneath ground surface.

Mason specialize in the tracing and surveying of underground services. Often working at night, these teams are fully equipped with manhole lifters, electro-magnetic pipe/cable locators (EML) and a selection of rods and sondes, as well as portable lighting units. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is also applied when required as well as a mobile CCTV system when required.

The tracing of re-bar in concrete floors and walls, is also undertaken using smaller handheld radar units, enabling safe drilling into solid structures and preventing damage to sub-structures and harm to operatives.

Underground service tracing has been undertaken at sites from fewer than 10 manholes to more than 700 manholes. Ground penetrating radar equipment has been used extensively to check for unrecorded piles and foundations of buildings long since demolished. The use of radar in conjunction with electro-magnetic locators gives the best possible indication as to what lies beneath the ground, without having to excavate trial pits.

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